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May 11 2014


Alicia Silverstone sex tape

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``I saw a sexy and pretty girl on the verge of womanhood,'' the director said, ``but I also saw something childlike. Alicia has a real vulnerability. Then, I saw `The Crush' and I said, `She's great, but can she be funny?''' Alicia Silverstone nude I never felt like everybody loved me in Clueless, and that's probably the key to the whole thing. Wow, I just figured that out! I never went, "Oh, everybody loves me, now I can breathe." And then, everybody hates me? It wasn't like that. I never paid attention to any of the hype or the praise. I'm not even really aware that it ever happened. All I know is Clueless got me some fans and a lot of people bug me now. Refuses to appear nude in any of her movies. She requires a body double in her place for nude scenes. Also, when starring in the stage version of "The Graduate," she insisted on wearing underwear for the famous nude-scene. The producers were forced to let her do this because, otherwise, she would have resigned from the show. Silverstone: I just mean, being a responsible person. This particular film, I think, speaks to a lot of young people, and there are some good lessons. It's nice to be able to entertain and, at the same time, to share my points of view. Alicia Silverstone nude When you show a character smoking who's as miserable and tormented as this girl, I don't think you're encouraging it. I feel responsible in the way that I don't want people to think I think it's a good thing. I'm still Alicia, who's dealing with her shit and her life and whatever. I never noticed that, and it's the same thing with the negative. People can say it to me, I can hear, "Oh, guess what, they think you're blah, blah, blah." But I've been working hard and haven't had time to pay attention to any of it. Who cares what people say? On a crisp weekday morning in the winding Hollywood foothills above the famed Chateau Marmont, Silverstone half trots alongside her companion of nearly a year. They met in East L.A. where she discovered him, cut and bleeding, while shooting the as-yet-unreleased indie detective thriller "True Crime". Silverstone, then just 17, took him home, nursed him back to health, and the two have been inseparable ever since. She even scored him a cameo in "Clueless", a chaste teen comedy in which Silverstone headlines as a spoiled, matchmaking Beverly Hills mall rat. But none of that togetherness can keep Silverstone's favorite male from dashing off to explore an unruly hedge that juts out over the narrow road. He is Silverstone's dog, Samson - the first of many dogs the actress hopes to rescue by forming a foundation to protect and limit the canine population vie sterilization. Planning her first foundation at an age when most young women are applying theirs - stardom does have its upside, though Silverstone's success doesn't seem to be the product of ambition. "I'm not driven," insists the girl who, between the ages of four and six, secretly believed her mother was a pop queen Olivia Newton-John and once danced to "Physical" atop her family's coffee table. "I didn't want to be a star, ever." That assertion was blown to hell the instant Silverstone Rollerbladed into a screeching close-up as Darian, the jailbait from hell in "The Crush", a low-budget, Lolita-ish thriller that landed her a starring, albeit wordless, gig in a trilogy of sultry Aerosmith music videos. Heavy rotation fanned the heat, burning the image of Silverstone - suspended by a bungee cord from a freeway overpass, triumphantly flipping her digitally obscured middle finger at her no-good boyfriend - into the brains of every red-blooded American with basic cable. A supporting turn in the throwaway thriller "Hideaway" didn't hurt her career, but it did little to dispel the notion of Silverstone-as-sexpot. "I truly appreciate the response I've gotten, because in my heart I know that it hasn't come from me exuding [sex]," Silverstone says. "I never once, in any of my work, never am I trying to be sexy. It's just being." Apparently, "just being" is enough. Consider Silverstone's burgeoning on-line fan club - of which she's also only peripherally aware - where net surfing devotees of Aliciamania trade dish and doctored naked GIFs of their favorite actress. Her reputation has even reached her hometown temple in San Francisco, where Silverstone attends services when visiting her grandfather. "I thought the holiest place could not change, but it can," Silverstone says, a bit bewildered. "The way people respond to you, they all become" - she strikes a cooler-than-thou pose - "different." With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, sans makeup and sporting her de rigueur uniform of gray sweatpants, worn running shoes, and a faded Georgetown University sweatshirt, Silverstone doesn't look much like a starlet brimming with boy-toy brio. Add to that thte twitch in her right eye (she's supposed to wear glasses, but doesn't), and she comes off as plain and awkward as Sandy, the terminally wholesome character portrayed by childhood idol Newton-John in "Grease", one of Silverstone's favorite films. Were it not for the occasional flashes of her lopsided, Meg-Ryan-ish grin, one would barely recognize the Silverstone whose Darian downshifted from cunning to coy on a dime. "There's such a happy-little-girl quality to her," says director Amy Heckerling, who spotted her in Aerosmith's "Cryin'" video while writing "Clueless" and immediately arranged a meeting. "We were sitting in a restaurant and she was drinking soda out of a straw. Here we were talking deals and careers and she's drinking like my nine-year-old daughter does. You just see her and go, 'Aw, she's so sweet.'" "She's sophisticated and unsophisticated at the same time," adds Raquel Welch, who played Silverstone's mother in the TV movie "Torch Song". "You want to be nurturing and protective of her. At the same time, I don't think she's anybody's fool. She's a real smart girl. I know a little bit about being a sex queen, so it's kind of amusing." Like Darian, Silverstone is skating on that delicate edge between girlhood and womanhood, as eager to let fly around the rink as she is reluctant to let got of the side. "I'm only eighteen," Silverstone says, "so no matter how sophisticated or centered I am, I'm still a little girl and I haven't had a lot of experience in anything, really." At an age when plenty of her peers are reveling in club hopping, pill popping, and all-night keggers, Silverstone's don't drink-swear-rat-my-hair approach stands out. "I have no interest in doing [drugs]," she says. "When I want to relax and have a goot time, I go be with my dog or go eat, because to me that's being bad." "She's not a promiscuous girl," says Judi O'Neil, Silverstone's acting mentor. "She's not a wild girl. She's not a free spirit." Yeah, but even Sandy ditched the ponytail and got a perm. Doesn't Silverstone ever want to be bad? She shakes her head, shrinking back from the thought. "I'm so sensitive and emotional that if I give myself five minutes, heaven forbid, and I turn off my phone, I feel, like, Oh my God, what if my parents are trying to reach me? That's my badness." "I was very upset," says Didi Silverstone, recalling the day her legally emancipated, fifteen-year-old daughter left home - alone - to shoot "The Crush" in Vancouver. "It was the beginning of her journey, this journey. But life's never been quite the same. My little girl is a woman now, and I'm the little girl. The roles are reversed." Caretaking comes naturally to the daughter of Didi, a retired flight attendant, and Monty Silverstone, a real estate financier. At fourteen, Alicia used to climb behind the wheel when her senior classmates got too drunk to drive home from their high school parties. Raised with an older brother in Hillsborough, an affluent Bay Area suburb twenty minutes south of San Francisco, Silverstone was a perceptive, if not carefree, child. With free air travel earned from Didi's stewardess satus, the Silverstones summered in their native England, where they made frequent trips to the theater with their stagestruck daughter. "I was fascinated," says Silverstone, certainly not the first child to throw up while en route to see "Cats". "I knew I wanted to be an actress, but I didn't know what that meant." Fortunately, Daddy did. Around the time Alicia picked up the fourth- place prize at a county fair for performing a routine to the theme song of "Flashdance", Monty Silverstone landed his daughter a print agent in San Francisco. But Alicia detested modeling and signed up for an intensive acting workshop run by Judi O'Neil. "I thought she was a very sweet girl," O'Neil says. "She wasn't a hey-look-at-me or aren't-I-special. Alicia's modest." "I was awful," Silverstone admits. "I would get bright red and be so shy, but I enjoyed [the classes] so much. Your heart is constantly pulsing, pumping, feeling everybody's mind ticking. That energy was just so attractive." Meanwhile, Silverstone auditioned for plays at her high school. Described by her peers as talkative and popular, Silverstone can recall no adolescent exploit wilder than, on one Halloween, dressing up as Debbie Gibson. By her sophomore year, she landed an agent in Los Angeles, and the family Silverstone packed up their bags, headed south, and signed their daughter up for a semester at Beverly Hills High. By the time she got the "Crush" cattle call, Silverstone was fed up with auditioning for features - and consistently losing out to such rivals as Reese Witherspoon and Fairuza Balk. "I went to the interview and I was like, All right already," Silverstone says jokingly. "I was as bitter as a fifteen- year-old could be." And more prepared than most. Just prior to her "Crush" audition, Silverstone turned a corner in her acting technique when she performed idol Laura Dern's part in a scene from "Smooth Talk" for O'Neil's acting class. "Everyone in the room just kind of went,'Whoa,'" O'Neil recalls. "Smooth Talk was where Alicia made that transition to start dealing with her womanhood. When "The Crush" came along, she was really ready." But the studio wanted a name and offered the role to Fairuza Balk. "It's the first time I ever got sad about anything," says Silverstone. "I sat on the stairs outside of Judi's apartment and had little tears running. I thought there was something in this [role] I really had to do." When Balk passed, Silverstone enthusiastically embraced the studio's request that she legally emancipate herself from her parents, thereby allowing her to work the grown-up hours required by "The Crush"'s shooting schedule. Silverstone refused, however, to appear nude in the film. (A body double was hired for a couple fleeting butt shots.) Silverstone has since stood firm on her no-nudity policy, turning down the title role in the still-unreleased "The Babysitter" numerous times until the filmmakers axed all nudity from the script. "I'm very uncomfortable with my body, and I'm not interested in people seeing it onscreen," Silverstone says emphatically. "Acting is not about presenting your body to people." Prime-time kingpin Aaron Spelling, whose movie company produced "The Babysitter" and whose actress daughter, Tori, is a friend of Silverstone's, denies reports that he asked Silverstone to get naked for the film. "I was thrilled that Tori's friend didn't want to do a nude scene," says Spelling. "You would think [she'd say,] 'Oh God, I'll do anything to do this movie.' Bunk. She wasn't gonna do it." Fully clothed and trudging up the steep pavement behind a panting Samson, Silverstone is pondering the dubious realism of sex scenes. "When I see sex in a film, it really distracts me," says Silverstone, "It always seems like two actors trying to look attractive and get their best angles. I've never done a sex scene. I've kissed a few boys, not much." Really? While hardly graphic, Silverstone's jarring backseater with Kevin Dillon in "True Crime" and her quickie with Jason London in "The Babysitter" definately qualify as cinematic shoop. Just ask Mom. "The Crush, I didn't mind in the slightest. It was nothing compared to what I saw in "Cool and the Crazy"," Didi Silverstone says, referring to a scene in the Ralph Bakshi-directed Showtime movie in which Silverstone stands before her seducer and begs him to have his way with her. Silverstone didn't care for it either, since she believes the filmmakers tapped another actress to loop additional, more orgasmic moans over the scene. But the truth is, Silverstone has never been comfortable with sex on film. "The way I'd been taught about it from my mom was that it was a pure, beautiful, wonderful thing. And then I would see it onscreen and go, 'Eeeew!'" Silverstone says. "But don't get me wrong. If I found a beautiful script that I thought absolutely needed it, I'd do it in a second." To combat her coquettish image, Silverstone has turned to Cher - the virginal valley girl Silverstone plays in "Clueless", a tame teen romp with an emphasis on comic timing over choreographed cocktease. "I hated the behavior of this girl," says Silverstone, who was kicked off her freshman cheerleading squad for refusing to show up at games wearing the "stupid outfit. I hated it. So it was hard for me to say,'Okay Alicia, make this you.'" Inquiries about Moize Chabbouh, a hairdresser and frequent set visitor in his late twenties whom Silverstone has previously identified as her boyfriend, are stopped cold. "He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend." "She's very headstrong," says her costar in "The Crush", Cary Elwes. &ot;I think she can fight [her image] all she wants, but ultimately when she reaches full womanhood, I think she'll be quite happy to be called a sex kitten." Before kissing her cadre of badass video babes good-bye, Silverstone offers a final observation: "It's not a girl trying to be sexy," she says, slipping uphill with Samson. "It's just a girl going through life." 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